Seafood City


Seafood City Menus

All Crab Shrimp & Lobster Fish Shellfish Octopus & Cuttlefish Chicken & Beef Rice & Noodle Vegetable Drink Dessert Other

Grilled Rabbitfish with Bandar Sauce

Mouse Grouper in Sashimi Style

Estuary Grouper with Curry Sauce

King Grouper with Plum Sauce

White Snapper in Sashimi Style

Grilled Red Snapper with Salsa Sauce

Star Pomfret in Sashimi Style

Grilled Star Pomfret with Fragrant Pandan

Grilled Red Snapper with Chili and Onion

Fresh Orange

Special Fried Enoki Mushrooms

Asparagus XO

Chinese Broccoli with Garlic

Water Spinach wth Shrimp Paste

Bracken Fern with Shrimp Paste

Pocay with Garlic

Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry

Bracken Fern with Garlic

Coconut Pudding

Almond Pudding

Coffee pudding

Avocado Pudding

Gui Lin Gao

Fried Vanilla Ice Cream

Fried Durian

Banana Split

Ice Cream Scoop

Mango Pudding

Seafood Pumpkin Soup

Tofu with Prawn-Filling

Complete Meal

Birthday Fried Noodles

Hongkong Style Fried Chicken

Mango Chicken with Plum Sauce

Black Pepper beef

Chinese Beef Steak

Male Jumbo Crab with Seafood City Chili Sauce

Fried Flower Crab with Panca Selera Style

Male Jumbo Crab with Black Pepper Sauce

Male Jumbo Crab with Salted Egg Sauce

Shell Fish with Seafood City Chili Sauce

Tiger Clam with Rasa-Rasa Sauce

Whiteleg Shrimp with Herbal Soup

Deep Fried Jumbo Tiger Prawn with Wheat

Super Tiger Prawn with Buttermilk Sauce

Grilled Giant Freshwater Shrimp with Teluk Sauce

Deep Fried Calamari